Bread & Snacks

Nutella star bread

  Braided Nutella Bread   This is one the best recipe simply you can impress kids to adult.  It is not as difficult as it looks just follow the steps carefully soon you will be serving up a masterpiece Ingredients Wheat flour – 400g Sugar – 75g Melted Butter – 30g Instant dry Yeast – 2 tsp Salt a pinch Fresh milk – 180ml (Slightly warm) Egg yolks – 2

Paruthithurai Vadai /Thattai Vadai / Crunchy Crackers

  There are many different types of vada. This particular vada recipe is from Jaffna sri Lanka. It’s very popular there. People from others parts hardly know to make this though they like to eat. Lets see how to make it from scratch. Ingredients Split urad dhal – 1 cup Steamed wheat flour – 1 Cup Wheat flour – 1 cup Sale as per taste Chili powder – 2 tbsp

Sugar Coated Bread / Kimbula Banis

Ingredients All purpose flour – 350g Milk powder – 20g Egg – 1 Caster Sugar – 50g (for bread) Brown sugar – 25g (to sprinkle on top) Instant dry yeast – 6g Butter – 25g Salt Fresh milk – 175ml Instructions  Preheat the oven at 180C Add all purpose flour,sugar, instant dry yeast and salt in to a mixing bowl and mix it If your using the normal yeast Add 1/4

Medhu vadai/Ulunthu vadai

  Medhu Vada / Ulunthu Vada is one of the popular south indian food. Most South Indians consider breakfast incomplete without Medu Vada. Whether they have idli, dosa, pongal or upma, they like to add a crispy, tasty and protein-rich urad dal vada to the platter. In fact, when you have breakfast in a South Indian restaurant, even in the remote villages, you will be fascinated to see the waiter