Unique Watermelon Cookies for any occasion

  Watermelon Cookies   You can make cookies in different ways. Let’s see how to make a eye catching watermelon cookies. This is suitable for kids birthday parties or Christmas. Ingredients Flour – 120 g Butter – 65g Sugar – 55g Egg – 20g (Half of an medium egg) Pink food coloring (as required) Green food coloring (as required) Black sesame seeds or Kasa Kasa – 2 tbsp Instruction Add

Langues de chat / Wine Biscuit

  Langues de chat / Wine Biscuit / Cat’s Tongue Biscuits   Langues de Chat are French cookies called also Cat Tongues. These are crispy & yummy cookies loved by kids to adults everyone. In Sri lanka & India It’s called as wine biscuit. Egg whites are beaten until stiff and folded into butter, sugar, and all purpose flour & then the mixture is piped in to thin circles &


  Ghanakatha is one of another popular teatime delights in Sri Lanka since a long way back. This is kind of a mix of butter cake & butter cookies. Trust me this recipe will never disappoint you. You will get much tastier ghanakatha’s than in the bakeries. Ingredients Self raising flour – 2 1/2 cups ( If you don’t have self raising flour use 2 1/2 cups of all purpose

Piped Chocolate Cookies

  Piped Chocolate Cookies   Chocolate cookies everyone’s favorite. What about a delicious homemade chocolate cookies with a cup of tea or coffee. This is a very simple recipe with only few ingredients. You can finish making in less time.Lets see how to make a soft & crunchy piped chocolate cookies Ingredients All purpose flour – 200g Cocoa Powder – 15g Sugar – 100g Butter – 125g (room temperature) Egg